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Accuracy, Split Peas & Soweto TV

Split Peas

Last week, I was making split pea soup as it’s winter here and nothing is as cheap or comforting as a nice bowl of pea soup.  Maybe it was the word “Canada” on the bag that caught my eye, but I had a good laugh when I learned what world travellers these very peas were. They could be from Canada or the US or UK with a few thrown in from France or Ukraine. Getting spit peas here in South Africa is clearly a convoluted matter but someone at Pioneer Foods in Paarl wanted us to know exactly where these peas might have come from.


Unfortunately, I am reminded regularly that I am living in a country where not everyone takes accuracy as seriously as Pioneer Foods of Paarl, South Africa. We live in a cluster of five townhouses. Today, for example, I texted a neighbour who seems to have some sort of decision-making power here, about the lack of an address on our complex making it very difficult for couriers and repairmen to find us. Our address is 64 – 12th Street. So I asked if the number “64” could be put up near our entrance gate to solve this matter.  Her response was interesting saying that our address is actually 62 – 12th Street despite our lease saying we live at 64 – 12th Street. So no one is sure about the accuracy of all this, but having “62” will be better than no address at all.

Terry Soweto TC

This reminds me of a much bigger and more vague issue I came across when working at Soweto TV back in 2011.  We worked out of a rundown old school in the township that was reputed to be the elementary school of a major anti-apartheid leader and, hence, could not be torn down. The station’s parent company wanted to buy the building and repair it, but no one knew who owned it! So much for accuracy.


Such are the challenges lived out by a Virgo and former production Production Manager in Joburg…. as Glen is fond of saying, “We’re not in Canada anymore.”




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